michael Holik
Graphic design



Bread Machine Band Logo

Client: The Bread Machine


Logo for Advertising, Apparel and Branding

The Bread Machine is an Illinois-based band who had a name, but needed a logo. I designed a black & white flat version as well as a logo "burned into" actual bread. (I had to toast a whole loaf just to get the perfect slice for this!)

Logo on toast

Here is a photo of the band with their logo as a backdrop and the black & white logo on the drum kit.

Photo of band

Fred@mcd.com Logo

Client: McDonald's

August, 2016

Logo to Brand the Online Reference Library

Fred was the name of the man who developed the original McDonald's Operations & Training Manual. His signature characteristic was a fast-food paper hat he always wore. I paid homage to him by illustrating that hat since this online reference guide houses the O&T of the future.

Fred@mcd logo

This was an alternate version of the Fred logo, where I illustrated a caricature of Fred. I envisioned the people training on the online reference tool becoming "Fred Heads" once they became skilled on the training.

AlternateFred@mcd logo