michael Holik
Graphic design

Authored Books & Book Illustration

Writing, Layout & Illustration

Make Time To Change Self-Improvement Book

Client: Published Book

The Book Cover

I researched, tested and then wrote and illustrated this self-improvement book to walk readers through the exact steps in how to make a change or assist with time management issues. I also created worksheets and activities to help them find their change or life passion. See book on Amazon.com.

Make Time to Change book on time management and making life changes

Robot Rules© Children's Picture Book

Client: Personal Project

The Cover and an inside Page From the Book

I wrote and illustrated this children's picture book using backgrounds I created myself as well as used type as art objects.

Robot Rules

Doggie-Do Children's Picture Book

Client: Personal Project

Inside Pages

This is an in-progress children's picture book where I shot photographs around my home and office (which I used as backgrounds), illustrated the dogs and then inserted actual photo textures of dog hair in the outlines. (The dog on the left actually has my own dog's fur in it!) This is a book about fictional dog products.

Dog Book

10 Factors for Making Strategic Decisions©

Client: Smarter People Planning

September, 2016

Book Graphic

The Authors wanted the graphic to be easy to follow, visual and contemporary. I used icons to signify the categories of the factors and subtle numbers showing each of the steps within the categories.

10 factors graphic