michael Holik
Graphic design


Design & Program Graphic Brand Standards

Product Info Training eLearning

Client: United Laboratories, Inc.

April, 2017

Marketing Videos for Sales Reps & Customers

This video with background music is one of many I created for United Labs, which reduces sales rep training time. It provides general information about the Insect Control Product Line as well as each product's unique features. Watch the first 55 seconds to get the main idea. The videos are colorful and dynamic to offset the "dry nature" of the products. I make the videos using Apple Keynote (Mac version of PowerPoint).

You can view it full size HERE.

TYPE eLearning

Client: mikeholik.com

December, 2016

eLearning Prototype for Everyday Business

I created this short module (under 6 minutes) to be one of many, that business people who have trouble using Microsoft products could use to make their PowerPoint and Word documents look more professional by using some of the basic principles of graphic design. This first one was learning to use type better.

You can view it full size HERE.

Worldwide eLearning Templates

Client: McDonald's

October, 2016

Templates With Global Brand

I was project manager charged with directing an outside vendor to design templates along with brand standards for building McDonald's worldwide eLearnings on.

The eLearning themes had to support McDonald's brand, but give enough freedom for the instructional designers to have some creative freedom.

I directed three templates to be successfully created.

Business style eLearning


This is the second of the three designs. I wanted a simple look for this one that would have the McDonald's branded colors, but not take away from the content shown on the main stage.

Branded style eLearning


This is the third of the three designs. I wanted a more playful theme that might be used for a game or special project. This one is more of a "farm to fork" theme.

Farm to Fork eLearning style


Learning Management System (LMS) Re-Design

I had to work within very tight parameters for this re-design. Some of the informational blocks could not be touched, but other "portlets" could be customized. In those I added graphics to create more interest for the learner and help direct them where they needed to go. I also created the header graphic to be the main focal point to begin on the page.