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Beer Can Label Mockup

Client: Craft Breweries


Beer Can Label Designs

I wanted to shop around beer can label designs because many local craft brewery labels are uninteresting and do not catch customers' attention. I created the name "Rusty Mammoth" and designed a variety of label styles around it to show breweries I can design labels in any style. Through different uses of color, type and images, each style is conveyed properly.

Rusty Mammoth CLEAN beer can label

Clean-Style Label Design

I went for a minimal-looking label here. I chose the rusty orange color as well as a complementary blue to support the name. I created countless mammoths for the logo before fine-tuning the one on the can, which is bold, yet not menacing. There is a light linear pattern as the background to hold everything together.

Rusty Mammoth CLEAN beer can label

Cartoon-Style Label Design

This design is a fun, colorful one. The background has drawings of fossils, bones and leaves which support the time period of the mammoth. It also features more playful and bright colors which are sure to catch customers' eyes when sitting on shelves next to other cans.

Rusty Mammoth Cartoon-Style beer can label

Vintage-Style Label Design

The vintage style is also clean, but uses type more as the art elements. This can features more reserved grays along with small pops of bright colors to catch the eye. The fonts are of the vintage-style to support the theme.

Rusty Mammoth Vintage-Style beer can label