michael Holik
Graphic design

Online Graphics and UI Design

Web Graphics & Design

Design Toscano Ecommerce Website

I am the Marketing Creative Digital Designer for Design Toscano, which sells unique garden decor, home decor, furniture, fountains and statues.

I create visually engaging graphics using photos, graphics, product shots and type. I am in charge of the online brand (vision, mission, colors, graphics, typestyles, tone of the pages...).

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See live website: designtoscano.com




Make Time To Change Website

I am creator of Make Time to Change. I put together the look and feel of the website. I also wrote the book that goes along with the site.

I write blog posts for the site as well.

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See live website: maketimetochange.com



Make time to change website

Home Page Navigation & Product Page UI Design

I am in the process of redesigning Design Toscano's mobile UI for the site. I am trying to make the interface easier for a customer to shop, more intuitive and improve on the placement of key information.

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DT new user interface design

Facebook, Instagram and Blog Graphics for Design Toscano

I design and post our social media images for social media. These are some examples of the use of images and type to convey the brand.

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Social media images

Maria Sindelar Designer's Website

I designed this website for a designer's portfolio and board game design company.




Sindelar Website