michael Holik
Graphic design

Hospitality eLearning

Concept Design & Mock-ups

Me, You, McDonald's Mock-ups

Client: McDonald's

October, 2016


One of three splash pages for crew and manager online training. I created the stick figure theme adding some playfulness to make it more "crew friendly." I designed these online pages which contain videos, training guides and games/activities.

Hospitality - Me
Hospitality - You


The second of three splash pages. I designed the pages to be eye-catching and clean looking. The single color in each calls out key information, yet does not take away from the colorful photos.


Splash page three of three. This headline indicates how your attitude and connection with others impacts the brand.

The stick figures continue the theme in a playful way. In this version I changed the video and activity icon colors to gray to make them less noticable.

Hospitality - McDonald's